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A Short History and Objectives

The cultural consulate Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Iran was founded 1949 A.D in Karachi (the then capital of newly founded Pakistan) with the posting of the first cultural counselor.
When Islamabad was announced as the new capital of Pakistan, Iran Embassy and its Cultural Consulate were also shifted and cultural activities have been continued till now.
The present building of the cultural consulate is situated in H.No 25, St. 27 F-6/2 Islamabad.
The cultural consulate Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, associated with the Organization of Islamic Culture Relations has the responsibility of coordinating activities of the Iranian Cultural Centers in Pakistan


1. Expansion of the cultural, scientific, educational religious, and artistic relations between the two countries.

2. Introducing the Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization to the Pakistani people.

3. Strengthening Islamic brotherhood, unity and love bondages between the two countries.

4. Promoting and consolidating relations among Universities scientific and cultural institutions of the two countries.

5. Promoting Persian language and literature.

6. Introducing the Prominent Cultural & literary personalities, poets & writers of the two countries.

7. Exchange of Professors, Scholars and students in various university fields.

8. Publishing scholarly, educational, literary periodicals and books.

9. Introducing natural sceneries, historical monuments and sacred places of the two countries to attract tourists.

10. Holding Cultural & Educational conferences and Seminars.

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